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Royale Tobacco works specifically with distributors across the country to provide a unique line of premium tobacco and filters. This unique product line is an industry-exclusive, which makes it easier to place than traditional distribution equipment, has a high rate of return, and the majority of your investment is in saleable goods, not equipment. Royale Tobacco products can be displayed on several different custom stands, which give the customer many options, according to space. As a distributor, this product line can be sold on consignment or a retailer purchase agreement.

It is our belief that the distributors we work with are truly our customers, and we strive to do everything we can to give the professional support needed to help ensure your business’ success. At Royale Tobacco, we will provide you with access to our web-driven training and mentor program. As a new distributor, you will be given all the tools that you will need to place, manage, and run your own tube business.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your distribution business or to generate some extra revenue, a distribution business may be a way to meet your goals. Royale Tobacco is currently expanding and we are looking to partner with other entrepreneurial people around the country. If you have further interest in learning more about becoming a Royale Tobacco distributor, please fill out the request information box located on the becoming a distributor page, and we’ll be happy to contact you to discuss this opportunity further.

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